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Recording and New gig dates in Scotland

The new songs were  recorded in rough on a Yamaha 16 track recording desk.

I will be travelling to Glasgow and then hiring a car.

Luggage will include guitar, ukelele, leads,mic, mic stand and a Yamaha 16 track digital recorder and very few clothes. I will be then heading to Fort William to find my Air B and B accomodation for the week.

We will be doing gigs across the Highlands, taking in breathtaking scenery, climbing the soaring mountains and descending loch filled valleys.

We will be recording at home in Fort William, adding the haunting cellos of Hilary and Sacha over my existing recordings.

Then onto meet up with  Dave Holmes for a mini tour of gigs in Mallaig, Crieff and Fowlis Wester.

Management Agent based in Crieff.

These recordings will be carefully wrapped in my luggage  and delivered to the studio back home, the new album with all new exciting creations to be released on CD and vinyl  !!

Steve Gifford band at Worcester Music Festival

A great night with the Steve Gifford Band headlining on Saturday.

After Worcester Music Festival Steve Gifford said

“It was worth the wait until we could finally get on stage at 10pm on the main night.
We followed 14 other artists and bands who I must say were of a pretty high standard.  The crowd were a bit high on alcohol by the time we did our set and I really hope they remembered us the next day”

Steve and Jo dueting at Royston Folk Club

Steve and Jo Dervish played at Royston Folk Club in Friday 13th March as part of the regular showcase evening.

Varied and accomplished musicians performed and Steve sang two to his own songs.  After the interval Steve and Jo and a heartfelt duet, Peter Gabriel’s “Don’t Give Up”.  They followed it up with Steve’s song “Blame It On Me” and got a very warm reception.

Altogether a great evening of music.  Well worth going back again to see Steve and the other performers at Royston.

OXFORD Cellar bar gig 11th April 2015.

ONE of TWO SHOWS.The Cellar Bar Oxford is the home of best quality live performers from around the country.At £5.00 a ticket to see both The SG BAND And THe MADRIGALS on the same bill is a “must not miss” opportunity.Dont delay.The csame show will be performed on the 12th June at The Mill Arts Centre Banbury.

The mini Scottish tour September 2014

So I met up with Hilary in Fort William on the 10th Sept to rehearse for two Beaudersert Album concerts in Crieff and Arisaig 12th and 13th September.Dave Holmes(of Hard Drive Promotions)friend and generally great guy,arranged the gig in Crieff at Spikes'( Mike Stevensons’)  Venue@24/bistro in the town centre.

The hospitality was fantastic, Dave and Spike looked after us and we had a full house for the gig.Accompanied by Hilary on cello we re created the accompanied songs from Beaudesert and went on to play songs from Ungodly Hour Boy on a beach and even a couple of Tom Petty covers which went down well !! Shame I didnt write them.

The 2nd gig at Arisaig was again well attended but this time by a more mature audience, many classically trained musicians came along, friends of Hilary,who very kindly forgave me for my primitive tuning technique of the Ukelele, to the melody of “my dogs’got flees”. Again we got some feet tapping without any physical injuries.Scotland we’ll be back !!

New dates…flyer

A new flyer highlighting reviews in Sunday Telegraph, Mojo, Fatea and Froots Mag go out to all venues interested in booking Steve Gifford and Steve Gifford band.

Steve Gifford ON TOUR

Beaudesert launched in a basement at Ollie Vees.

Ollie Vees Pic

One week before the album party, Billie the owner of Ollie Vees cleared out and painted the basement of their retro shop in Leighton Buzzard in preperation for the launch party of the 5th studio album in 12 years.A few days before the gig a licensed bar had been granted, which bought the album, a glass of wine and a ticket for the basement gig.

Before the beer break Steve covered 10 of the album tracks and then followed up with some self styled covers of songs by influences Tom Petty, Dire Straits and Beatles.After some serious audience participation, the evening over ran finishing at 11.20pm.

The previous week the Sunday Telegraph highlighted the album as a “must have” from their top 10 folk selection

Album Party confirmed 17th May

Ollie Vees are hosting a small party to launch my new album Beaudesert at 8pm on the 17th May. 33,Market square in Leighton Buzzard…this  is 2 streets from where I did my first gig at the Brush factory folk club when I was only 17.


Beaudesert Makes Telegraphs Top 10!

The new album Beaudesert’s that was released 1st May 2014 has been selected as one of the top 10 folk albums to add to your spring collection by the Sunday Telegraph;

Click the link below for full details;

Beaudesert - Steve Gifford

Tavistock Live Sessions

The Tavistock sessions are a series of one day recording sessions of the “Steve Gifford Band”  during 2013, engineered by Paul Traynar (Ians friend), IT specialist and general techno sound wizard.A “makeshift” studio was constructed at Tavistock House Bletchley, Steves’ office, which meant moving furniture around micing up drums etc.and even upending a long red sofa to provide a deadened sound for the main vocals.A total of eight original songs were recorded lead by Steve with Derek Edmond on drums,Ian Catchpole on bass and Hilary Fielding on cello. The recordings and subsequent editing are considered to be of  excellent quality thanks to Pauls’ expertise.Hopefully one day soon these tracks will be released as a vinyl album.

CLICK HERE to listen to Tavistock Live Sessions!